الرئيسية / Uncategorized / Please take a brief moment to check out the test descriptions below. They will certainly help give you a sense of what to anticipate on the placement test that is actual.

Please take a brief moment to check out the test descriptions below. They will certainly help give you a sense of what to anticipate on the placement test that is actual.

Please take a brief moment to check out the test descriptions below. They will certainly help give you a sense of what to anticipate on the placement test that is actual.

Take a Practice Test

Because the test determines very first year course load, it is very important which you become acquainted with the test format, test questions, and test strategies and that you practice using the test. To do so, we HIGHLY recommend that you:

Overall, the placement test consists of two parts: an English or ESL Part and a Math Part.

In the event the primary language that is spoken except that English, you might be asked to take the ESL part, which include ESL Listening, ESL Writing, and ESL Reading Skills sections.

On the other side hand, you will be asked to take the English part, which includes English Writing (Writeplacer) and English Reading Comprehension (Next-Generation Reading) Sections if you are a native English speaker.

Finally, the Math Part is composed of three sections:

  • Next-Generation Arithmetic
  • Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning Algebra, and Statistics (QAS)
  • Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF)

Based on your performance, you may be asked to take one, two, or all three parts of the Math Test.

All parts and parts of the placement test are computer-based, and offered at the key Campus and Regional Centers. No computer skills are required. You merely use the mouse to click on the answer.

English and ESL sections that are writing

When you look at the English or ESL writing sections, you should have 60 minutes to write about an interest you will end up given that day. Topics are chosen randomly. The writing sample will be scored by ACCUPLACER; if necessary, it might also be reviewed by members of the English Department who are trained to read and evaluate placement essays. Your essay will be read by a minumum of one faculty member, who will rescore your essay for placement. The combined scores of this faculty reader and ACCUPLACER, together with your score on either the Next-Generation Reading or ESL Reading Skills section, should be used to find out your placement in English classes.

For how the essays are evaluated and for sample practice questions along with scored writing samples, please download the group of English Sample Essays or the group of ESL Sample Essays .

Reading Comprehension, ESL Reading Skills, ESL Listening, and also the Math Sections (computerized):

The Next-Generation Reading, ESL Reading Skills, and ESL Listening sections are composed of 20 questions each as they are untimed, allowing you to work at you own pace.

The Math Part begins with either the Next-Generation Arithmetic or QAS section and could progress to AAF, based on your skills. Each math section may consist from 17 to 25 questions.

Whilst the sections are untimed (except the English or ESL Writing section, that will be limited by one hour), you should intend on spending at least couple of hours taking the tests.

After signing in and verifying your student that is prospective status you will be asked to stay at a pc terminal and log-in to begin the test.

When you yourself have finished the mandatory sections of the placement tests, you certainly will receive your placement results and instructions on how best to login to your on line Orientation. The Online Orientation will give you informative data on financial aide, registration, payment options and college resources.

Besides the official ACCUPLACER site and the study APP, other test prep sites for the Placement Test could be accessed on the net by typing “ACCUPLACER Practice” from any search field that is browser. A number of sites is likely to be listed, some for English and some for Math. Any of the free sites provide valuable practice opportunities; there isn’t need to use any site for which you want to pay a fee. Some of the better sites are as follows:

Writing Sample – Score of 6

Hamlet says, Frailty, thy name is woman!” I say “Hamlet seems to not have understood real womanhood!” Two women from my life one thinks of to simply help support my point.

First, there clearly was my mother. I cannot think about a finer mother, though, of course, i will be biased. When one thinks of a mother, a paternalfather is usually not far behind. Unfortunately for my loved ones, my father’s frailty was was not physical. My mother, Gwen is her name, divorced my father after 20 years of marriage. I, the youngest of two, was twelve at that time. For twenty years but also to complete the raising of her twelve year old daughter though it was an extremely difficult decision to make, my mother found the strength to not only leave the man that had been supporting her. I didn’t consult with my dad after the divorce because he never came around, which certainly suggests the possible lack of character that lead to my mother’s decision. Regardless of the hardship, my mother made sure i had everything she could provide, best reasonably of which was her unqualified love.

The second woman to support my case is part of my current life. Her name is Johanna. Johanna is thirty-one yrs old. She divorced the paternalfather of her daughter when her daughter was an infant. She then raised this daughter to the chronilogical age of seven, with very few visits from the kid’s father. Meanwhile the father had remarried and started a new family. Across the chronilogical age of seven, Johanna’s daughter began tantrums that are having were well beyond the most common for a kid that age. Johanna searched for answers until one seemed obvious: though everything had be given to the child, she missed her father. So Johanna made arrangements to have her daughter live part time together with her dad, together with tantrums ceased almost immediately. I am sure which was a tremendously hard decision, one which only a very strong woman might make.

The strength and courage they showed certainly suggest that Shakespeare’s character was more than a little short sighted in the cases of these two women.

Following is a sample of a writing test that would require one or more semester of Developmental Education work. Take note description of a placement test score of 3 in the test description page therefore the annotation for the sample below:

Community College of Philadelphia should provide free day care for the kids of single and working parents.

Sitters are to (usage error) expensive unless you are on some sort of welfare assistence (misspelling) .

If there clearly was more daycare that is freecomma missing) than i believe a lot more parents would attend Community to farther (usage error) there (usage error) education. Then better jobs could be found. (not enough specific development)

Actually, I don’t know of a person with this nagging problem now (comma missing) but i recognize plenty of senior school students with this problem plus it doesnt (contraction error) help. A lot of them (inappropriate pronoun use) are preparing to drop out as a result (wordiness) for this. My twelfth grade had a course like the free day care mentioned in the subject and as a result of cutbacks they no further have the service. This forces plenty of young girls away from school. And so they never return. (This paragraph does not address the topic of daycare at Community College of Philadelphia)

When there is no program of day care in senior school, how will they (not enough specific antecedent) ever think of college if they can’t finish high school without a day care program or someone to take chare(misspelling) of these child? (Again, point is topic that is off For this reason i do believe Community should offer a totally free day essay help care program to your of the students. (as well as grammar, usage, and concentrate errors, this essay will not provide enough concrete detail to support its thesis.)

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